The MALDI-ID service originated from the research done at the Centre for Rhizobium studies on legume root nodule bacteria. Farmers would often ask the question "which type of rhizobia are in my legume root nodules and are they the right ones?". Isolating and identifying bacteria using traditional diagnostics is a tedious, time-consuming and expensive job, especially when starting from a legume root nodule. Therefore, Dr De Meyer investigated new approaches to identify root nodule bacteria rapidly and accurately using mass spectrometry and genetic sequencing. This lead to the establishment of the MALDI-ID service for sustainable agriculture.

Our vision & mission

Through a coordinated program of management and research, and in partnership with industry, government and farmers, MALDI-ID will provide science and management to improve legume crop and pasture production. We focus on identifying and improving the symbiotic root nodule bacteria associated with our agricultural legumes.

   We will use the power of our science to transform legumes in our agriculture.

Terms and Conditions

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Dr Sofie De Meyer

Director MALDI-ID

0451 50 54 56

Daniel Kollehn

Director of Laboratory services

0410 46 80 83