Everything to know about ordering

1 kit = 1 paddock = 1 legume group

For the analysis of one paddock up to 100 hectare, you will require one sample kit for each legume plant species. For paddocks larger than 100 hectare, we stronly recommend to use an additional sample kit for better accuracy. Every kit contains four sample bags, for four individual locations in the paddock. Previous research has shown that four locations per paddock provide a good overview of the rhizobia situation in that paddock.

We are able to analyse the following rhizobia groups: Group AM/AL (Medic), Group C (Clover), Group FE (Pea, Faba-bean, Vetch, Lentil), Group GS (Lupin spp., Serradella spp.) and Group N (Chickpea).
If your legume host/rhizobia group is not on this list, contact us to discuss the different options.

How to purchase:

You can purchase your kits through any of our distribution partners

  • Alternatively, you can also order your kit(s) directly from us, by sending an email with the number of kits you require to info@maldiid.com.
  • Once the order is confirmed, we post the sampling kit(s) to you.
The sampling step:
  • Follow the detailed sampling and shipping instructions instructions that come with each kit.
  • Fill in the order info sheet (example) you received with the shipping confirmation from us and email it back to info@maldiid.com
  • To help with the sampling process we have prepared a short video illustrating the process

What happens next:
  • As soon as payment and samples are received we will start the analysis
  • You will be provided with a detailed report and recommendations